OneOffice Duet360

OneOffice Duet360 helps businesses to connect data between Salesforce and Infor ERPs allowing Marketing, Sales, and Service teams to spend less time researching and scanning for information and more time servicing customers

Connect Salesforce with: 
  • Infor ERPs
  • NetSuite
  • Epicor
  • IFS
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • SAP
  • Custom ERPs and Applications

OneOffice Duet360 absorbs the complexity of integration between Salesforce and Infor ERPs and delivers a powerfully connected out-of-the-box solution

OneOffice Duet360 designed to make integration between Salesforce and Infor ERPs faster, and more affordable

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  1. Strategic Sales
    Be the informed Account Manager and achieve trusted advisor status by knowing the complete history of interactions with your company from suspect to repeat and referenceable customer
  2. Comprehensive Service
    Empower your Service Representatives with comprehensive customer information to effectively and efficiently engage with the customer, solve problems and build loyalty
  3. Precision Marketing
    Grow your pipeline with compelling messages based on accurate customer information like Quotes, Orders, Service Cases, Returns​​ and more
  4. Empowered IT
    Duet360 is a managed service, delivered in the cloud, that eliminates integration complexity, enhances performance and stability, and requires minimum IT involvement

Success Requires a Customer-360 View

OneOffice Duet360 delivers high value Salesforce and ERP integration use cases and is configurable for unique business processes. No need for the high cost and risk of customized integration projects. 

OneOffice Duet360 empowers companies to make better data-driven decisions and respond proactively to the customer’s demands.

New, unique functionality for Salesforce to support complex requirements including:
  • Integrating multiple ERPs with a single Salesforce org;
  • Support for ERP, multi-company accounting;
  • Special treatment of Ship-To Accounts in Salesforce to match ERP;
  • The option to use a Quote in Salesforce either attached or independent of an Opportunity.

Available Packages

   Different versions of OneOffice Duet360 pre-built integration product are available to ensure every business aspect is covered:

OneOffice Duet360 Enterprise

Enhance Salesforce functionality with our pre-built integration by synchronizing information and business processes with ERP including: Customers, Contacts, Quotes, Orders, Shipments, Returns, Invoices, Receivables, Products and more!

OneOffice Duet360 Enterprise is a prerequisite for all add-on solutions

OneOffice Duet360 for

This version of OneOffice Duet360 designed exclusively to support Salesforce E-Commerce and can be install as a 
​stand-alone package

Boost e-commerce functionality with access to critical ERP data such as Products, Pricing and Orders without leaving Salesforce

Asset configuration and
real-time inventory check can be added as an addition to the standard OneOffice Duet360 for E-Commerce package

OneOffice Duet360 for Salesforce CPQ

Synchronizes both Salesforce CPQ-generated Quote and Bill of Materials with your ERP

Creates initial Bill of Material (BoM) from the Salesforce Quote to eliminate data entry errors

OneOffice Duet360 for
Salesforce Service

Synchronizes your ERP with OneOffice Duet360 enhanced Salesforce Service and Field Service Lightning applications

This pre-built solution includes Service Orders, Inventory and Parts Availability

OneOffice Duet360 for
Service Management

When service is managed in ERP application or other applications, OneOffice Duet360 exposes the data to Salesforce to ensure seamless processes for customers
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