Salesforce Solutions

Transform your vision into business solutions by combining business process expertise with a clear understanding of the possibilities of Salesforce’s applications
  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Pardot
  • Community Cloud
  • Salesforce CPQ
  • ​Field Service Lightning
  • Einstein Analytics
  • Tableau
Fully integrate Salesforce with your marketing, customer service, order management, quoting, ERP and other critical systems with our proven integration expertise and tools
Change end user behavior by streamlining business process, crossing multiple departments, improving your team’s effectiveness and maximizing end user adoption
  1. Sales
    Salesforce was designed to support sales, help manage pipeline and bring more business. But today the solutions have evolved significantly and can become overwhelming without expert support. It is our business to understand how these solutions work together to automate processes and extend the benefit of delivering information to compete and win in your industry.
  2. Service
    To move Service Organizations from reactive to proactive mode, Endowance’s approach will save time and money without compromising quality. The process from tracking an asset from purchase to warranty service, and everything in between is a daunting task. Support teams are able to respond quickly to unexpected events and onsite visits as necessary, without losing track of the process.
  3. Marketing
    Endowance’s expertise in both Sales and Marketing is a perfect fit for defining and building an effective strategy based on specific marketing requirements. While discovering the most efficient way to Prospect and Customer engagement, our consultants will help to streamline and optimize the way your marketing team operates, leading to faster decisions and more sales.
  4. Analytics and Reporting
    Make better decisions with a deeper understanding of business and team performance. Salesforce empowers decision making at all levels of the organization by arming staff with relevant information for their area of control. Add OneOffice Duet360 and information integrated from ERP systems to gain the full picture of the enterprise.
Front and back office applications have siloed data, slowing down business processes and decision-making, while only providing partial views of the business.
With OneOffice Duet360 relevant Customer data stored in ERP systems is easily and automatically updated in Salesforce ​.
OneOffice Duet360 delivers business insight in real time from ERP managed information such as Accounts, Contacts, Quotes, Sales Orders, Returns, Shipments and Account Receivables. 
The front and back office become connected and digitally transformed into OneOffice.